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Best Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops 2015

Touch computing is becoming more and more popular due to the popular tablets and to the iPads that came to us first. There are times when we just really do not need a keyboard to do the tasks at hand and it is so much easier to just touch the screen to accomplish so many things. Pinching an image and spreading our fingers to make an image larger or smaller is not only cool it is easier to do than using a keyboard that is limited as to what it can expand the image too. Swiping our fingers across the screen to move items, too cool and so fast. But there are times when typing is a must for using our computers so having a touchscreen laptop makes total sense to me. They are lighter in weight than our regular laptops, in most cases thinner and have more power.

Windows 8 was specifically designed for touch screen computing and is proving to be a pretty awesome option for an operating system on these new laptops. The pricing has come down relatively fast on these Windows 8 touchscreen laptops, too. When I first started looking at them most were over $1200 and now are much more reasonable in the cost. Comparable to a regular laptop. Here is a list of the best so far on the market.

ASUS VivoBook S400CA-DH51T 14-Inch Touch UltrabookASUS has a good reputation when it comes to making a laptop and they have not disappointed with this model that runs on Windows 8 and has touchscreen functionality. Priced well, to boot! Offers a 14 inch screen and weighs only about 4 pounds. There is a chiclet style keyboard when typing is necessary. Windows 8 loads extremely fast, too. There is no bluetooth on this model but there is a USB port that you can connect one. Scroll with two fingers and pinch to enlarge or make images smaller. Rated 4 solid stars by over 80 people.
HP – ENVY Touch-Screen Ultrabook 14″ Laptop – 4GB Memory – 500GB Hard Drive – Midnight BlackIt is lightweight at just under 5 pounds and the 14 inch screen is LED backlit with HD display. Runs on Windows 8 and full touch screen advantages. You will find that you can actually do real work with this laptop compared to a smaller tablet that hinders some work. Bluetooth interface and 3 USB ports are also features of this laptop. There are 2 3.0 USB ports for fast data transfer and 1 2.0 USB port.
Sony VAIO T Series SVT13126CXS 13.3-Inch Touch Ultrabook (Silver)So very thin and weighs less than 4 pounds, this little touchscreen laptop offers a lot for the money. HD touchscreen display on the 13.3 inch screen. Has Wi Fi and Bluetooth connection options. It does not have a optical drive but you can connect to a Blu Ray or DVD external device with one of the ports. Runs superbly on Windows 8. It has a hybrid hard drive combining a magnetic drive with flash memory for a fast way to access your data.
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 11.6-Inch Convertible Touchscreen Laptop Smaller than most laptops but larger than most tablets. A way to combine the best of both worlds. The screen is 11.6 inches and can be used with your touch while running on Windows 8 RT. A keyboard when you need it. What is cool about this little laptop is that it is actually convertible. Looks like a normal laptop or the screen can swivel to make it like a large tablet when typing isn’t necessary.
Samsung Ultrabook NP540U3C-A02UB 13.3″ Touch-Screen Laptop, 4GB Memory, 500GB HDD + 24GB ExpressCache, SilverSamsung version of a touchscreen laptop offers a 13.3 inch and is less than 1 inch thick! Loaded with Windows 8 offers plenty of storage with the ability to expand if you need to. Enjoy touch computing or type on the keyboard when typing is needed for your task.
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