Best Windows Tablets

The World of Computing and the Internet is an ever changing one. The Dimensions of Computing Devices have shrunk rapidly in the past few decades. While Desktops and Laptops still sell – Smart Phones and Tablets are the trend-setters.

They are easy to carry, possess much better hardware than in the past, and help us remain informed, connected  and entertained while on the move. Apple’s iPad really made us aware about the power of tablets. Amazon Kindle, Google Android, and other biggies have jumped in on the bandwagon and the choices available today are fabulous.

As Microsoft reinvents itself – the company has launched the Windows 8 operating system and it’s partners have created  great  tablets to host it. One of them is Acer W510 series. Let’s check out the Best Windows Tablets on offer during 2013.

See also my review of the Windows 10 OS for tablets.

Best Windows Tablets

This Operating System is also known as Windows on ARM. Windows RT has been specially designed for Mobile Devices.

Launched in the last Quarter of the previous year, Win RT tablets are available from different manufacturers. This Mobile Optimized OS has several advantages over the regular Windows OS’s.

It consumes less Power and offers a longer Battery Life, being Mobile Friendly it allows for thinner hardware designs, and works great with touch-optimized applications.

Windows 10 Tablets

The Latest Microsoft OS

This is the Newest OS offering from Microsoft and is all ready to take on iOS and Android. New technologies supported by Windows 8 include Cloud Computing, USB 3.0, and Near Field Communications.

A big relief for average Tablet users is the fact that it includes built-in Anti-Virus powers! Win 8 powered devices are also good buys for Gamers as it includes apps like XBox Video and XBox Music which can be used with XBox 360 consoles!

Please check out some of the Hottest Windows 8 Tablets featured below and bring one home during 2013. Note that the Windows Surface Pro is a Microsoft production in software AND hardware!

The difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT is in functionality. Windows RT was designed specifically for mobile devices, but at the cost of functionality. That is: don’t expect the full flexibility of Windows on an RT tablet.

For most users the difference won’t be noticable. After all, do you really want to code on your tablet? However, you may want to use the full blown version of photoshop. Too bad: not possible on RT (yet). It IS possible on Windows 8. Unfortunately Photoshop Touch (the basic photoshop app for tablets and touch phones) is not avaible for Windows yet, so if you go for a Windows tablet and you want to edit your pictures, you should go for either a full on Windows 8 tablet, OR without editing your images on your tablet.

Right now the tablet apps available for Windows 8/RT are still so limited that you may want to get an Android Tablet or iPad instead.

A Windows tablet WILL do the following though:

  • Edit full blown MS Office documents.
    This is the main selling point of Windows tablets right now. However, since MS Office is not quite touch ready yet, you may want to make sure you get one of those tablets with an add-on keyboard, making it almost a touch-laptop. 
  • Mail
  • Internet
  • Basic gaming
  • Social Networking (twitter, facebook)
  • Ereading (PDFs, Kindle ebooks)
  • (Google) Maps – via a work around, the ‘Maps App’. 
    I really love Google maps on tablet. It’s just so intuitive to sit on the couch and move the map around to check on the route you’re going to take. You can also simply use the Google Maps website.

That is: for most uses Windows tablets are quite good enough.

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