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Let’s start by saying that I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It has multi window support, like all Samsung tablets, which means I can take notes on a small window on Evernote while reading a book on Kindle, for instance.

See also my 2016 comparison of Windows, Android and iPad tablets.

The result is shown above. The taupe text is a kindle book, the white window is an Evernote note and the keyboard is also shown. It’s a crowded combination which would not – I think – work on a smaller screen than the 10.1 inch Galaxy Note.

And that’s all I do with multi window – mostly a tablet just has too small a screen to make multi window useful. Still, the ability to take notes without having to close the document you want to take notes about is great. And when copy-paste is impossible (it’s disabled in the Kindle app, for copyright reasons, I assume) having the note and the text in the same screen is essential.

Multi window is a feature that’s unique as yet to Android as a built in feature. Most android tablets don’t have it yet either.

On iPad there’s an app that will allow multi window – so if you want, there is a work around.

However, most people love their tablets – whatever the brand – whether they have multi window or not. Here are the main points to consider:


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Note

Operating system

iOS Android Android

Commonly used functions

Mail, maps, internet, Amazon Kindle app, pdf reading, most popular games apps.

For most users differences in functionality will not be noticeable. 

Unique features

iTunes connection multi window built in (with few supported apps) multi window built in (with more supported apps, like Evernote)
Works with stylus to enable detailed drawings and handwriting recognition
iBooks has full support for all kinds of character types, like Greek and Pali transliteration. Essential for language students and scholars.

This is the one thing I’ve come across that iOS really does better than android.

Despite the fact that there is a long list of supported languages, Android does not do reading texts which include words from other languages than the one set as default very well. This is no problem if you’re Dutch reading English or the other way around, but when it comes to smaller languages like Greek, Pali and Sanskrit strange things will start to show up on your screen.

What I came across recently was a book written in English about early Buddhism that uses words (in official transliteration) from Pali and Sanskrit. That did not go over well.

A PDF containing characters like that IS completely compatible, because it has it’s fonts IN the document, so it doesn’t rely on Android.


The iPad is a Quality tablet Affordable

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is good enough for every day use

The hardware is as good as the iPad Mini.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is a Quality tablet



[The iPad Mini is not as high end or as expensive as the iPad.]

Relatively low end hard ware, which makes it slower than the Note or the iPad.

The screen is not as good as either the newest iPads or the latest Note 10.1.


Available screen sizes

iPad Mini: 7.9 inch (HD Screen)

iPad: 9.7 inch (HD Screen)

7 inch, 7.7 inch, 8 inch, 10.1 (normal screen)  8 inch, 10.1 inch (there is also the Note Phone, which is a large phone / small tablet: 5.55″) (HD Screen)

Whether you get a Samsung tablet or an iPad, you will have to think about whether to get one with only wifi access (probably available in your home, at work and in your restaurant) or one that also has it’s own online connection through AT&T or some other mobile provider. In the case of Samsung this means your tablet is also technically a phone. Whether you’ll use it as one is of course another issue. Personally I don’t.

Remember that in either case, when you’re online – through wifi or mobile internet – you can contact your friends through skype. Both platforms have a front and back facing camera so not only can you take pictures, but you can video chat as well.

At the end of the day, for most users, even an Kindle Fire Tablet is fine. For your bucks you get an HD screen (even an HDX screen) – and yes, the difference is noticeable when reading ebooks – a pretty fast processor and access to all the major (Android) apps.

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