Best Tablet For Senior Citizen Christmas 2017

What is the best tablet for an elderly person? Is that a question that has been on your mind? Are you looking to give a tablet to a senior citizen that is a part of your life? There are several tablets on the market but not all are a best choice for the elderly, at least in my opinion. You might also be a mature person who is looking to get your first computer tablet to begin using.

A tablet really is a wonderful choice for seniors as they are pretty lightweight and easy to use. They are a wonderful choice for an elderly person who may be in a retirement facility or assisted living. It may be rather difficult for them to have a desktop computer or even a laptop. A tablet is perfect because it is so mobile. They can use it while in bed or when the go to the recreational room of the facility.

A senior citizen can easily stay in touch with loved ones by using emails, connecting on Facebook and on most tablets they may even enjoy a video call from family and friends. So, what is the best choice? Let’s take a look at what I recommend.

Best Option: Kindle Fire HDX


Honestly, with all of the choices of tablets out on the market today; I believe the Kindle Fired HD tablets are the best choice for a senior citizen. Why? Well, they come with all of the features that an elderly person is going to want in a tablet. They do not need a lot of “bells and whistles” like some tablets offer. They want the basics as they most probably will not be creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations with their tablet.

A senior citizen is going to want to be able to read books, maybe watch a movie, connect with family on Facebook, grab their emails and simple tasks like that. Either one of the Kindle Fire HD models will do that for them. They will even have a front loading camera that will allow them to make a Skype call with their families and friends.
The pricing for either one of the models is very reasonable, too. Along with the easy navigation and apps that come readily available to them without having to figure out what ones they want.

The larger screen of the Kindle Fire 8.9 inch makes it easier to read ebooks with a larger font-size. So you won’t need glasses. Remember however, that whatever the size of the screen, in ebooks you can always increase the size of the letters themselves.

In fact the quality of the screen is more important for reading comfort than the size of it. Therefore, for those who can afford it, I definitely recommend an HDX screen if you are going for the Kindle

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab is also a good alternative for a senior citizen who wants a tablet. They are pretty easy to use and you can work together to find good apps to add for them. They can select a Kindle or Barnes and Noble app to use for their e-reading, for instance.

This has more possible functions than the Kindle HDX and the prices is comparable. The camera takes excellent pictures for instance. Depending on the computer skills of the senior who will be using it, they might need some help getting it set-up but it is not really difficult to download the app or to find it when they want to use it.


The iPad Air – the classic tablet: For the senior without money concerns

The iPad revolutionized the computing world when it first came out. It’s still the tablet space with the largest amount of apps available. When a new app first comes out, it is often on iOS.
However, the most used apps and games are all available on Kindle and Android as well, so that’s no reason to go for the more expensive option.

What is a good reason to go for the iPad over a Kindle or Android tablet is that the system is a bit easier to use. Not so much that a Kindle or Android tablet is hard to use, just so that older people with enough money to buy an iPad should seriously consider it, especially if they’re not that good with technology.

Features for the elders of society in a computer tablet

As I mentioned above, the senior citizens in our lives will benefit from how lightweight tablets are these days. They for the most part are probably not working any longer so they do not need a program or app that will create documents and business forms any more. They are not going to be needing software that creates presentations or any of that type of activity.

They have reached an age where they really just use a computer to stay in touch, read books, listen to music and maybe watch a movie once in a while. Tablets can offer all of that in a much more convenient method than a desktop computer or a laptop can. No wires keep them in a stationary setting.

Tablets can save space for them, too. If they happen to be living in a facility rather than their own home, space is probably limited. Having their books and movies in digital form takes away the need for storing them on shelves. That is great even if they now live in a small apartment instead of a house.

Cameras are probably not something they use much any longer so they do not need a tablet that takes pictures for the most part. Having one with a front facing camera is nice because they can video call when they want to.

Whether independently or with the help of the kids, tablets are a great way to save pictures of all the children and grandchildren to look at and show off to their friends.

They will probably need the help of friends to set it up, but each of these tablets can be used to keep in touch with the grandchildren through skype or similar.

Do NOT get a Windows 10 tablet. The Windows brand may be familiar, but they haven’t figured out how to make a usable tablet yet.

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