Best Laptops for Teens 2017

If you are looking for the best laptop for teens as a possible gift for the holidays, I have some ideas for you. Today’s teens are much more tech savvy than even teens of a decade or more ago. However, what they will be happy with in their Laptop is not much different than most adults. Let me show you some good options for teenagers when it comes to getting them a new laptop this year.

Which Operating System?

Personally I think spending too much on teens is a mistake. After all, with all those hormones flowing through their body, they are usually not very careful with their stuff yet. Do you really want to spend over $500 on a laptop, when it’s not necessary?

If your teen guy or girl has the usual needs for her laptop, what she needs is really not that complicated:

  • Internet access
  • On and offline note taking and home work
  • A few games
  • Facebook and other social media

Fortunately, that means any operating system will do.

If that’s your guy, the Chromebook system (shown above) works for them like a charm. Everything syncs with Google’s servers and therefore, when the laptop breaks, or is stolen, his homework is not in trouble. He may regret that excuse, but for you it’s an extra safety valve.

If you decide on a Macbook or Apple laptop, getting the most recent version of their operating system will never let you down.

A really good and inexpensive option is the Samsung Chromebook. I like this choice for teens because it is so lightweight and will not cause a strain on your teenagers backs which could cause problems later for them. There are some great security features installed that will help keep viruses and malware off of the computer. Let’s face it, teens are not always careful about where they travel on the web and this way you won’t have to worry about unwanted infections to the software. It also automatically updates so that your teen will always have the latest in the Chrome operating features. With the cloud option, your teen will be able to share documents with others easily. This would come in really handy on classroom assignments that perhaps a group is working on together. And the price is so reasonable that it is perfect as a small investment in your teenagers future!

Thankfully, the latest Chromebooks do have offline saving, so your teen can work even when they don’t have internet access.

A good laptop that utilizes the Windows operating system is the Toshiba Satellite. It runs on Windows 10 and has the keyboard and touch screen technology. It is going to meet all of the fundamental needs they will have in computing and will last them through their educational years whether that is High School or they are off to college for the first time. The 15.6 inch screen display is going to be helpful when they are working on a project and great for when they just want to watch a movie. The price is pretty reasonable, too!

And then there is the Apple MacBook Air to consider. This one is pricier than the other two but will have all of the features that your teen will need for several years. Boasts one of the fastest wireless connections available along with a 12 hour battery life. It is really durable in design which is important for teens, I think. Because everything is made by Apple everything that they use will be compatible and fully integrated to work taking out frustration like they might have with other brands. I realize this is more of an investment but your teen will get several years of use out of a laptop like this one.

I think that probably the first thing you should consider before buying a laptop for a teen is which operating system they will prefer to use. The Chromebooks run on Android, many run on Windows and of course the Macbooks are Apple. Price is a consideration, especially when purchasing a laptop for a teenager and once you have determined which OS you or your teenager wants, then you can find one that is within your budget. Another feature to look at is touchscreen. Is that something that your teen wants or cares about? I would also look at the keyboard design and make sure that it will be comfortable for them to use. The touchpad on a laptop will vary with different manufacturers so it is also something to pay attention to. Just how responsive will it be for your teen and their computing needs?

If you are in the market to purchase a laptop for your teenager, it is not always clear what the best teen laptops might be. You want an affordable model of laptop due to the possible rough treatment it might get from your teen and you want the best performance that is within your budget. Another feature that really should be looked at when buying a laptop for a teenager is the weight of the computer. A lightweight laptop is the best choice for a teen. His or her body is still growing and developing at this stage of their life and you want a computer that will not cause harm to their back or shoulders when they have to transport the computer to school or other destinations.

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