What laptop to buy 2017 – Windows or Mac?

Normally, as a web professional who dabbles into programming, Windows is my default pc and laptop pick.

However, this year – my admittedly 4 year old laptop is in need of replacing. It is getting slow. However, Windows update is so seriously annoying that I am thinking about getting a MacBook.

However, the reviews of the MacBook series are so bad this year, that I’m stumped.

So what’s wrong with Windows?

Good question. I liked Windows 10 a lot. I had no problems at all with having updated my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It works. No problems at all.

Until the Windows 10 anniversary update. It gives me an almost daily pop-up that it wants to update, but can’t. And the only way I can get rid of the update is by clicking on the more information button, which only leads to the screen I’ve now looked at half a dozen times. schermafdruk-2016-10-24-13-17-29

Imagine that overlaying your screen. See: no x-button to close it, merely a ‘more information’ button (in Dutch in my case).

And Windows gives NO SOLUTION! I’m seriously bummed. Imagine trying to give a Powerpoint presentation and then seeing this pop up, blocking everything.

So I cannot recommend buying a Windows Laptop right now.

What’s wrong with Mac?

Well, first off: Macbooks are expensive. And while I was never very convinced the price point was good relative to what was on offer, this year even apple fans are saying it.

Literally: ‘Overpriced, underpowered’.

Bottom line

This is a commercial site. I earn money from helping you decide which laptop, tablet or netbook you should buy. But this year my advice is: buy the cheapest laptop that fulfills you needs and don’t spend too much. Hold on to the old one a bit longer if you can.

Neither Apple nor Microsoft are where they ought to be. It’s a toss-up.

If your needs are simple – internet, social media, editing basic text files and spreadsheets – Do consider a Google Chromebook. They’re still really cheap.

If you’re used to the Microsoft ecosystem and do use their office suite, get yourself an affordable laptop with Windows on it. The cheapest ones are under $200.- but the more expensive ones can be over $2000.

If you’re used to Mac and you have the money – the only reason to replace your MacBook is still when it’s broken. By all accounts, the newer ones are not significantly better than the previous generation.

So for once I’m going to throw in another factor beyond price, weight and functionality: eco-friendliness. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re seriously messing up our planet. I’m as practical as the next girl and generally buy what I need and only consider eco-issues as a second or third consideration (when it comes up at all. However, since other factors are so unclear this year, I will give you the report by ethical consumer (nov/dec 2016):

We recommend you buy a second-hand or refurbished laptop wherever possible.
For new laptops, choose the greener models indicated by [S] or [T] on the score table.
Apple scores best for its conflict minerals and toxic chemicals policies and middle for Supply Chain Management. But if you want to steer clear of Apple for its tax avoidance, Lenovo’s TCO certified Thinkpads are a good option.


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