Best Laptops for Multitasking 2017 – Windows or Mac?

The ability for a pc, laptop or tablet to multitask depends on two factors:

  • Internal memory
    More is better. Start with 8GB of you often experience issues with your laptop freezing on you as you use multiple programs.
  • Processor: power, speed and type
    Dualcore processors are the norm these days, but if you really want your laptop to be able to handle several active programs at once, you should go for quadcore instead. That’s usually an Intel i5 or i7 processor.

That means at least a 15 inch laptop.

So what is multitasking?

In human beings multitasking is a bad idea. We’re much better at doing only one thing at a time. Concentration and productivity both go down if we try to switch tasks too often.

Computers are not all that different. Most speed tests are designed to measure how fast a laptop performs at one task at a time.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? However, if I’m writing something, that means I have the following programs open. I’m on one task (writing), but my laptop is multitasking:

  • Word processing program
  • Browser, to research online – several tabs open at once, in fact.
  • Browser, for some light background music, courtesy of YouTube.
  • Note program, for past notes I took on the topic (Evernote, Onenote)

That’s three programs, but the browser counts for several processes, if I have several tabs open. The music tab especially will keep running whether it is showing or not. And unfortunately this combination often freezes my laptop. Which slows me down. Luckily, turning off the music is usually enough to get back on track. However, it’s not ideal.

So all in all my laptop is doing at least 4 things at once, as I’m writing an article.

Should I get a gaming laptop for multitasking?

Yes, a gaming laptop is definitely a good choice. It is built for speed and can handle several processes at once.

When editing photographs and video you will need a top of the line PC or laptop WITH a great screen: speed and high pixel density. This means you need a top of the line gaming laptop, as lower end gaming laptops keep the price low with lower end screens.

In other words: a photographer needs a reliable screen – color balance, pixel density etc. Lower end gaming laptops (think $800-$1000) don’t have that. They are calibrated towards speed and nothing else.

Higher end gaming laptops do have excellent screens. However, a photographer may want to look at the Macbook Pro line instead.

If you ARE into gaming, spend your money on a laptop that has the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series dedicated graphics chip. It’s a LOT faster than the 9 series – around 40%. That’s a difference you are going to notice on competitive video-games.

What’s a gaming laptop?

  • 16GB minimum
  • Fast SSD drive
  • Fast graphics card using GPU optimization
  • Multi threading (quadcore or up) – sound, graphics and input from the gamer need to all be balanced and fast.

Should I get a Macbook Pro?

That depends. First of all, the smaller Macbook Pro laptops have dual core, just like other laptops. So that’s not going to help your speed much.

Second: Apple gears it’s hardware and software towards beautiful graphics. That’s great and it looks wonderful. It helps prevent eye-strain a bit too. However, those lovely looks are also costly in terms of memory used. And more memory spent on what happens on the screen, means less memory for other things.

So – if you’re in need of a multi-tasking laptop for photo or video editing – yes a 17 inch Macbook Pro may be just what you need.

If you’re merely looking at having several programs open (like I suggested above), you merely need a high end Windows Laptop (which comes a lot cheaper).

So, is it Windows or Mac?

I’m afraid that question will remain unanswered.

Pro Windows 10

  • Operating system is used by many, so it has many software options and games available.

Pro Macbook

Preferred by artists and designers:

  • Good editing software for music, video and graphics all built in
  • Specs aimed at this type of content producer
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