Best Lightweight touchscreen netbooks 2017

Netbooks and mini laptops with touchscreen sound like the best of both worlds: you can type, but you can also ignore the keyboard and just manage things through touch. However, now that there’s the iPad, I do think this line of products is going to struggle. However, a netbook does have software that’s much more compatible with your desktop pc. Also, they come with ordinary USB ports and things like that, so there are no worries about getting information from one to the other.

Surprisingly, touch laptops are available at netbook prices these days. They usually run Windows 10, though you can also find affordable and light chromebooks with a touchscreen.

These tablet netbooks (as they’re starting to be called) are great for taking with you to meetings as an e-reader. If necessary, you can also actually change the documents you’re reading.

All these netbooks come with good customer reviews. I guess people in this market are choosing an iPad or Tablet very often. Remember whatever you do: these small devices usually come with less computing power than an ordinary PC. This is true even for the iPad. Still, the iPad is at least built to be fast loading and easy to use through the touchscreen.

What to look out for when buying a touch screen laptop

Touch screen
This one makes sense, but I’ll put it in anyhow – you do need to check whether that laptop does actually have a multitouch ready touchscreen. Windows 8 has ten finger sensitivity for the screen, so getting less in the hardware is not a good idea.

If you don’t get a touchscreen, do get a multitouch ready touchpad. It’s second best, but still.

To protect your back it’s a good idea to not get a laptop that’s too heavy.

Battery Life
Personally I’m partial to 13 inch laptops: large enough to type 10-fingered, small enough (if you take care to buy a light one) to carry around in a backpack without breaking your back.

The operating system of most computers is still MS Windows.

As I write this the only two operating systems available for touchscreen are MS Windows (10) and Google Chromebook.

Google Chrome is a minimalistic system. It allows for the most used applications: web, mail, simple office and games. If you’re into using picture editing software, you’ll need a tougher beast like a Mac or a Windows laptop.

The Windows touch system has mixed reviews, but it IS capable of everything your old Windows PC can do.

Mac is, at present, not available with a touchscreen.

The Chromebook by Google, with TOUCH

What do you need a laptop for? Chances are all you need are: an office application (check: Google Drive), search (duh, Google), Facebook and mail.

The Chromebook has all that, works offline (on documents you set to be available offline) and is very affordable. This one even has a touchscreen. And yes, that makes it just that bit cooler.

Ultralight Laptops

Are you in the market for a new laptop and you want one that is a lightweight model? I have done a little digging around and found a few lightweight laptops that are currently on the market today. There are different manufacturers who make these ultralight computers for us to carry around. Although some will market them as being lighter in weight the ones that I will show on this page will weigh 4 pounds or less. Now, you have to admit that is pretty low on the heaviness scale when you find yourself having to carry it back and forth to work or school. Let me do some short reviews for you so that you can find the one that will fit your needs the best.

My next computer will have a touchscreen

I have two tablets (original iPad and Galaxy Note 10.1) as well as a smart phone, so I’m pretty gadget ready. The fact is, when using my laptop I find myself wanting to swipe the screen. That’s NOT good for a non-touch screen. I’m afraid I’m lowering the life of my current laptop.
I’m so used to TOUCH now, that it’s becoming slightly annoying to NOT have touch on my laptop, so I fully recommend getting a touchscreen laptop, to be future ready.

What are the motions used on touchscreen?

Many of the same motions that we use on a touchpad can now be done on the screen itself but the screen and the newer technology allow for some newer motions, too. What are they?

Tap: You can use your finger and often times a stylus to tap to place a cursor, double tap to highlight an area. The newer touches will also recognize two finger tapping.

Long Hold or Press: Hold an object so that it can be dragged to another spot

Scroll: Use the finger to scroll up or down a page

Pan: The finger or stylus moves an object to the left, right, up or down.

Flick or Swipe left or right, up or down: The action of swiping the finger or stylus in a quick motion that moves you to the next page. Often used to turn pages when reading or in some cases to unlock your screen on a phone or tablet.

Pinch: Using two fingers you can do a pinching motion to make things smaller (close fingers closer together) or make an item larger by making the distance between fingers wider. Comparable to zooming in and out, it is just quicker than the way we used to do it with a mouse.

Rotate: By placing one finger or thumb to be stationary and using another finger to rotate in one direction or another you can rotate an image.


We have gotten so used to using the touch screen technology on our phones and tablets, haven’t we. Are there laptops that can be used with this same capability? Yes, there are and they are pretty awesome, too.

Smartphones and tablets are wonderful for a lot of our activities when it comes to certain things.

Sometimes we want to be able to do more and that is when a laptop with touch screen can be the best choice for our computing needs. Having one that allows the versatility and ease of touching the screen to move to another window that we have open, move an image over to another page and all of the other great features that our fingers can perform by sliding across the screen or pinching or opening our fingers will just make it all more enjoyable and faster to use.

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