Chromebook Reviews 2017: Google Laptop / Netbook review

Cloud Computing is not merely the Future – it’s the present!

Google Chromebook has been launched and everyone is curious whether these hardware software bundles will mean we would compute and use the Internet in a fundamentally different way.

Will local storage be a thing of the past? Will the Chromebook be useful just for Businesses, Libraries and Educational Institutions, will it offer any value addition in places where Internet access is not top class?

These and many other questions will be answered only by time and user experience. This page aims to present different sources on Chromebook Reviews – which will help you make an informed decision.

Do let us know your thoughts on Chromebook and Cloud Computing through the polls, duels, and the guest book. You don’t have to be logged in – in order to participate on Chromebook Reviews.

Now that the Chromebook is out for a few years, we know that SOME local storage is essential. Chromebooks these days come with at least 16GB of local storage, so you can work even when you’re off line. Who would have thought it? As the most affordable laptops on the market, the Chromebook has definitely earned it’s place.
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What you get with a Chromebook

  • An operating system that updates itself and is virus-free
  • An ecosystem in which everything is available and backed up in the cloud – and the stuff you work on is available when you’re offline as well.
  • Office through the Google Docs ecosystem (word, spreadsheets etc)
  • The ability to save your documents on your Chromebook laptop, for offline editing
  • Apps for games, note taking, weather etc.

Chromebook with touch

The Chromebook has made most headway in the cheap laptop market – for people who used to buy netbooks.

However, for a slightly higher pricepoint, you get a touchscreen chromebook – and on a small machine like that, touch does make sense. I mean, who actually LIKES using a touchpad?

The current best selling Chromebook. Light, fast and very affordable.

People report using the Chromebook more as a laptop than a Windows or Mac Laptop. Why? Light and fast. AND a long battery life.

I currently recommend the Chromebook for teens and tweens – easy to use, has everything your teen is likely to need and very cheap.

Something to take into account

A Chromebook only prints using Google Cloud Print. This means your printer has to have wifi, or it just won’t work.

Reader contributions

Jane says:

I love mine. I’ve returned three tablets, two kindles, a Macbook Air and multiple HP things too heavy to lug around. Chromebook is light as a feather, turns right out and has a fabulous keyboard. Can do email, surf and not have to worry about having my expensive laptop broken or stolen by lugging it around.

Another reader:

As a teacher, it is great for my classroom. I create lesson plans, put in my grades, and check my emails from parents. I can use my ipad for my leisure, my home pc for bigger projects. This is fuss no muss. A great idea for teens and pre-teens. A great way to save money. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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