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No fluff light on the knees lap desk – 91ISBeKoWFL._SL1500_The Cooler Master Choiix Comforter Laptop Lap Desk with Soft Sponge Mat (shown above)

It’s weird to me that they sell such different lapdesks on the other side of the ocean. I’m very happy with my simple light lapdesk and wonder why it’s not on Amazon (sorry people – see picture). This one came closest though. The concave design helps with airflow both to your laptop and your legs. So it’s a passive cooler: no fan, and yet your laptop & legs will be reasonably well ventilated.

Now if only they would manage to get the weight down… I got a lightweight laptop for a reason. This lap desk is almost as heavy (well, not really – still, 1.8 pounds is a lot for my lap).

41z0uiFTwZLLogitech Portable Lapdesk – 1.2 pounds

This is a portable lap desk – has room for your mouse, looks good any where and is thin. Because it is so thin, it will not help you ergonomically. However, it does protect the legs from the heat of the laptop and with room for the mouse does make working with your laptop an easier experience, where ever you may want to do so.

Peck’s adjustable laptop desk laptop tray in Birch

Now here’s your high end option: adjustable in height, functions well for writing in bed as well as breakfast with juice…

The tray can even be tilted for a better angle if needed.

The two side trays make this a very versatile option, though you will have to take in the dimensions of your home when buying this. For instance: I’m pretty sure it’s too wide for my bed. 35″ long and 12″wide.

10110713_f260Best cooling lapdesk to keep your laptop cooler

Cooling your laptop is a necessity, not a luxury, if you use for longer periods of time (3 hours in a row or longer), especially in a hot climate.

We’re having a hot summer here in The Netherlands and I find that my laptop fan is working overtime, even with a well designed lapdesk that cools. However, it’s a passive cooling design: lots of airflow around the laptop, but no fan actively cooling the laptop while I have it on my lap. (see picture).

Therefore I need something better: a laptop cooler that’s also a lapdesk. It needs to be small so it won’t feel overdone supporting my 13 inch laptop, it needs to be reasonably stylish and of course it needs to cool my laptop with as little noise as it can manage. It should also be as light as possible and of course there should be no sharp edges: this is going on my lap, after all.

That’s quite a list of requirements, don’t you think? Let’s look what’s available!

Laptop coolers are generally powered by a USB port on your laptop, often offering a few USB ports extra in compensation.

81wBG46qGuL._SL1500_Logitech Cooling Pad with USB-Powered 2-Speed Fan – 2 pounds

Looks like the cooling pad I would buy.

Fits laptops with up to a 16-inch display – that is: all 15 inch laptops and smaller

One 13 inch macbook pro user notes that the design doesn’t work with a macbook: the bumps and the airflow on this cooler are all wrong for a MacBook, apparently.

41u4yegl4yLCooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooling Pad – 2 pounds

I don’t know why they needed to add a led-light to this lapdesk, but otherwise it looks alright and does the job for very little money.

Affordable but laptop cooler for the star-wars-fan!

Accommodates up to 17-Inch notebooks: a bit big for me.

41Ra+zcc4tLTargus HeatDefense for Laptops – 1.2 pounds

This is something completely different: it uses ordinary physics to cool your laptop: crystals will turn to liquid as they cool your laptop. I think it sounds cool.


  • works best on laptops that still have working fans, users with nearly broken laptops complain that it doesn’t cool the laptops for long enough (still 5 to 6 hours though).
  • slippery; one user uses it inside a pillow case

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