Windows 10 – any good for tablets? 2017

Windows 10 is advertised as an operating system that works as well on a tablet as on a PC or laptop. Does it live up to the aim?


Where Android and iPad are designed specifically for touch, Windows 10 isn’t. Even in tablet-mode, a lot of things are simply too small to navigate with your fingers. You’d think there would be a way to magnify things a bit with a simple finger-gesture, but that doesn’t work either.

Whether it’s gmail on the web (there isn’t a decent gmail app for Windows) or navigating documents on the tablet – navigation is just too small for fingers.

Shown here: the size of my not so large finger compared to the size of the navigation.
Shown here: the size of my not so large finger compared to the size of the navigation.

In order to solve this, you need to turn your tablet into a pc: with an external keyboard and perhaps a mouse.


WITH a keyboard and perhaps a mouse, a Windows 10 tablet becomes a full blown pc with all the advantages of Windows. In that case it only depends on the quality of your eyes whether it’s comfortable to read mail or documents or not.

My mom (67), with good reading glasses, still finds the letters too small to comfortably read her email. For my eyes (no glasses, 41) reading online is fine on this tablet.

There IS an option to magnify things, but the smallest magnification is 100% and it wreaks havoc with the rest of the navigation on the tablet.2015-12-25 09.43.20

All this means that the Windows 10 tablet is NOT the best option for two basic reasons to get a Windows tablet in the first place:

  • reading documents (in a meeting, for instance)
  • reading email casually on the coach.

More about picking tablets or laptops.

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