Best Windows 10 Touchscreen Laptops 2017

Touch computing is becoming more and more popular due to the popular tablets and to the iPads that came to us first. There are times when we just really do not need a keyboard to do the tasks at hand and it is so much easier to just touch the screen to accomplish so many things.

Pinching an image and spreading our fingers to make an image larger or smaller is not only cool it is easier to do than using a keyboard that is limited as to what it can expand the image too. Swiping our fingers across the screen to move items, too cool and so fast. But there are times when typing is a must for using our computers so having a touchscreen laptop makes total sense to me. They are lighter in weight than our regular laptops, in most cases thinner and have more power.

Laptops with touch screen functions

My guess is that you are looking for a new laptop and you want it to have the touch screen functions that your phone and or tablet already have. We have gotten so used to swiping the screen on those devices and it would be nice to have a laptop that also has that type of functionality. It is most effective when using the new Windows 8 software because it was built with touchscreen in mind.

It can often seem overwhelming when we first start to search for computers in general. There are so many brands and even within specific brands there are different options to scan through. It is almost enough to give you a headache. Isn’t it?

In this basic review of the brands that are considered the best on the market, I should explain that on this page a laptop is going to refer to a computer that is able to function with touching the screen but also has a keyboard for when you need to do more extensive work with your computer that will require more typing. Something like me typing this article for you to read. Perhaps a report for the office or a term paper for school. In other words an activity that will take forever if you have to use a small touchscreen keyboard on the screen.

Some tablets can turn into a laptop – we call those convertible

Some of the newer tablets are capable of turning into a small laptop when you add a keyboard. Like the Microsoft Surface that I just featured above. There are also other brands that make what is called a convertible where you have the option of using the device as a tablet or converting it into a mini-laptop. Some of these have the feature of a flip and then fold to make it easy to use as a tablet while others just fold over.

I am putting these models in here as laptops because they work well as both, a tablet and a laptop which gives you so much functionality and they are lightweight. Depending on the brand and model you purchase these will have several different touch point options to use plus the keyboard when a lot of typing is needed.

When you want to read a book, watch a movie or play a game; just tuck that keyboard away and off you go.

This type of device is becoming more and more popular and they are coming out with some pretty awesome models that convert while giving you all of the special bells, whistles and techie stuff that previous computers just did not have.

Determine your needs in a laptop

The best advice that I can give you on purchasing a touch screen laptop is to first sit down and determine how you plan to use it. Obviously you want a keyboard for the work that will require more typing or you would not be considering the laptop over a tablet.

Do you want one that converts from laptop to a tablet? These typically tend to be on the smaller size when compared a standard laptop that may not have touch features for the screen or that are not convertible. The convenience of being able to use it either way is a nice feature but if you already have a tablet it would not be necessary.

Decide whether you want one with really good graphics that will enhance video games and movies if you plan to watch them on your touch screen model. Look at ones that have HD if the resolution is a key element in your computing needs. Sound may also be an important part of your “wants” in your laptop. If you listen to music a lot you will want some great speakers.

Some of this may not be that important to you as you do not plan to watch HD movies or play intensely graphic games. If you will be using yours more for work oriented tasks you might be happy with a less expensive model that gives you more in the way of hard drive memory without a lot of bells and whistles that you may not use.

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