What should I buy? Tablet PC (Windows or Android), ereader or iPad?

I bought the original iPad when it came out and I still love it. I use it as an ereader, for taking notes on the road (evernote), to go online on the couch etc.

When I bought my iPad the only competition were Android Tablet PCs and they just weren’t as user friendly. I know several people who have android tablets and none of them use them to take notes during classes: they still use pen and paper. I think that’s an essential point: apparently android tablets aren’t responsive enough to actually type on fast enough for daily use. Continue reading What should I buy? Tablet PC (Windows or Android), ereader or iPad?

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Netbooks and mini laptops with touchscreen sound like the best of both worlds: you can type, but you can also ignore the keyboard and just manage things through touch. However, now that there’s the iPad, I do think this line of products is going to struggle. However, a netbook does have software that’s much more compatible with your desktop pc. Also, they come with ordinary USB ports and things like that, so there are no worries about getting information from one to the other. Continue reading Best Lightweight touchscreen netbooks 2017

Choosing an iPad , Android Tablet PC or netbook

Once things get really small, that keyboard starts to get in the way. It’s relatively heavy, and do you really need it? Perhaps a touchscreen is really all you need.

Some of the netbooks do both: they give you a keyboard AND a touchscreen. Personally I think that’s just waste of space and material. For my smallest pc I want something really lightweight – like only a pound or something. You don’t get that if you have to carry along a keyboard AND a screen. Continue reading Choosing an iPad , Android Tablet PC or netbook

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